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Translation Services
We offer professional English <> Spanish translation services.

We translate all types of documents including official documents, marriage certificates, birth certificates, power of attorney, travel authorizations, books, literature, booklets, marketing material, letters, emails, texts, and others. BBN Translations is your best choice for translating these confidential documents. We pay great attention to every detail including signatures, stamps, seals, names, places, headers, footers, formatting, and dates.

Your documents are important and at BBN Translations we understand it. We keep your information safe and confidential. Our translation services are performed by our own personnel and details are not shared with third parties.

Whenever you need a document translated from English to Spanish or from Spanish to English, we are always here to assist you.
Professional Translation Services
English <> Spanish

Kissimmee Translator
We do Certified & Notarized Translations.

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Translators in Kissimmee
Our Translators

Boule Najm
English <> Spanish Translator
Location: Kissimmee, Florida, USA.
Tel: 321-209-1778
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Natalia Sabbagh
English <> Spanish Translator
Location: Kissimmee, Florida, USA.
Tel: 321-557-1424
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Professional English <> Spanish Translator

We offer human translation services for:

• Official Documents
• Marriage Certificates
• Birth Certificates
• Power of Attorneys
• Travel Authorizations
• Literature (Books, Booklets, Magazines)
• Marketing Material (Websites, Brochures)
• Business Stationery & Forms

• Documents
• Letters
• Emails & Texts

Translations in Kissimmee

We do Certified & Notarized Translations.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I send you the documents I need to translate?
You can send us the documents directly from this same website, we can also receive the documents in person or by regular mail, please contact us before sending your documents by postal mail or to make an appointment for in person meeting.

The best option is our tool here on the website, it will help you send us the documents and provide us with the necessary details to expedite the translation service.

You can Click Here to send us the documents in a secure way.
How will I receive my translated document?

We can send you the translated document via:

  • Email – print-ready PDF version – included with any translation.

  • Postal Mail – USPS Priority Mail with tracking number – USA only – additional charge.

  • You can pick it up in person – contact us for an appointment.

How long does it take and how much is the total cost of my translation?

Once we receive your document and before applying any charges, we will let you know the estimated time in which your translation should be ready and the total cost.

When do I pay for the service?

Once you agree with the total cost, we will send you a link to proceed with the payment. Depending on the project, we may require payment in full or installment payments before we start the service. We use PayPal for payments.

Do you translate official documents?
Yes, we translate official documents such as Marriage Certificates, Birth Certificates, Power of Attorney, and others.
What is a Certified Translation?
A Certified Translation carries with it a signed statement that the translated document is a faithful representation of the document that has been presented to us and has been translated under the best translator’s ability.
What is a Certified & Notarized Translation or "Notarized Translation"?
A Notarized Translation carries with it a signed statement that the translated document is a faithful representation of the document that has been presented to us and has been translated under the best skill of the translator, in addition the signature is witnessed by a notary public who certifies that the signature is original and true.
Will my information be safe?
We take your privacy seriously and we keep your information confidential.
May I can drop-off my documents in-person?
Yes, we are located in Kissimmee, FL and we can schedule an appointment to receive your documents in person.
Do you offer translation for any other languages?
Currently we offer English <> Spanish translation only.
Can you translate literature?
Yes, we can translate booklets, magazines, printed media, websites, advertising material, and others.
English <> Spanish Translation Services.

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